I have written a short praise song, entitled Jesus is the Yes!, based on 2 Corinthians 1:20. For much of the past two years, we used the refrain as a Gospel Acclamation verse at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Greenville, South Carolina, where I served as Interim Pastor. Many members have told me that they enjoy it and find it meaningful.

I am offering this song, free of charge, to congregations and camps for use in worship and Christian Education settings through the end of 2020.

If you do choose to use it, my one stipulation is that you show (either in print in a bulletin, or on a projection slide) the copyright and also the phrase “Used by permission. All rights reserved.” Also, please contact me by email to let me know that you have used the song. I would appreciate any feedback you might have to offer.

We have used this song in three different ways. We have used the refrain by itself as a Gospel Acclamation verse. We have used it as a praise song, singing the refrain, the verse and then the refrain. We have also used it along with the hymn How Firm a Foundation, starting with the refrain and verse from Jesus is the Yes!, then singing verses of How Firm a Foundation and concluding with the refrain from Jesus is the Yes!

Refrain – Melody only

Refrain – with accompaniment

Refrain with accompaniment and guitar chords

Verse – Melody only

Verse with accompaniment

Verse with Accompaniment and Guitar Chords

MP3 file of Refrain, Verse and How Firm a Foundation