Links to Science and Religion Sites

Zygon has been the primary academic journal in the field of science and religion for many years. The Zygon Center combines resources from Zygon and the former Chicago Center of Religion and Science.  The Zygon Center and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (see below) are the two major academic centers in the field.

The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences is part of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.  They sponsor many lectures and conferences, and co-ordinate the Templeton Course Program in Science and Religion.

The Institute for Religion in the Age of Science was founded in the 1950s.  They sponsor discussion groups in science and religion in many locations around the world, and also sponsor the Star Island Conference every summer.

Metanexus is an online resource on science and religion with a wealth of information and material.

The Templeton Foundation has been a major supporter of research and teaching in the field of science and religion.  Templeton Press offers many titles in the field.

The website of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology has a great deal of information and many links to other sites.

This is the resources link of chr-astro, a group of professional astronomers who are Christians who want to relate their faith to the scientific work they do.

Astronomy Links

Astronomy Picture of the Day posts a new picture each day with a brief description.  A great resource. Use the archive to find topic of interest.

The Hubble Space Telescope Archive allows you to search by subject or year.  Some of the best astronomical pictures ever taken are here at your fingertips.

The Austin (Texas) Astronomical Society web site is one of many excellent sites sponsored by amateur astronomy societies.  They have an incredible links page.

The American Museum of Natural History recently developed this video moving out from the Earth slowly to encompass the known universe.  In many ways it is an update of Powers of Ten, a classic science video.