These books are recommended as excellent resources to learn more about the role of mystery, awe and wonder in faith and in science.

Frederick Buechner The Longing for Home. (1996) Harper, San Francisco.

“The Great Dance” in this book is a powerful look at the mystery of joy revealed in creation.

Loren Eiseley – Unexpected Universe. (1969) Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego.

All of Eiseley’s books are a delight, but this one includes his masterpiece, “The Star Thrower.”

Ursula Goodenough – The Sacred Depths of Nature (1998) Oxford.

A marvelous look at the mystery and wonder modern science reveals,

Heschel, Abraham Joshua.  God in Search of Man. (1955) Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York

—The Sabbath.  (1951) Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York.

—I Asked for Wonder (1988) Crossroad, New York.

Heschel writes with remarkable insight and passion about the dimension of awe and wonder.  His books are the best resource I have found for exploring and understanding awe.

Keen, Sam.  Apology for Wonder. (1969) Harper & Row, New York.

This book offers an excellent overview of awe and wonder.

Kushner, Lawrence.  Eyes Remade for Wonder.  (1998) Jewish Lights, Woodstock, Vermont.

Kushner offers some wonderful stories of awe.

Otto, Rudolf.  The Idea of the Holy. (1923) Oxford, London.

A classic study.

Raymo, Chet.  Honey from Stone. (1987) Hungry Mind Press, St. Paul, Minnesota.

—Skeptics and True Believers.  (1998) Walker and Co., New York.

Raymo is a scientist and science writer with deep insight into the role of mystery and awe in science.

Reagan, Michael, Ed., The Hand of God, (1999) Andrews McMeel, Kansas City.

This book is a delight, filled with beautiful astronomical photos and great quotes.

Inside the Mind of God,  (2002) Templeton Foundation Press, Philadelphia.

This book is a similar to The Hand of God, but features incredible pictures of the microscopic world.

Reflections on the Nature of God, (2002) Templeton Foundation Press.

More wonderful quotes and pictures.

Yaconelli, Michael.  Dangerous Wonder. (1998) Navpress, Colorado Springs.  A marvelous book, filled with insights into wonder and faith.

There are many excellent books available that deal with the general area of faith and science.  The author I like best is John Polkinghorne, a physicist and Anglican priest. He has more than a dozen books out now.  I especially recommend Science and Creation, and Science and Providence.


Powers of Ten Interactive, Pyramid Media.  While the controls for this software can be a little confusing at first, the resources here are marvelous.  The centerpiece is one of the best science movies of all time. This software is now quite old, but still interesting.


Cosmic Voyage – This DVD of an IMAX feature movie features a “cosmic zoom” similar to Powers of Ten.

Stargaze – This DVD combines Hubble Space Telescope images with some wonderful meditative musical selections.

There are a growing number of outstanding science videos becoming available from PBS, BBC, Discovery channel and others.  Many IMAX films are excellent resources for exploring mystery, awe and wonder. Many of these videos are readily available through Netflix or similar services.